Helping the World See Outside of the Box

We develop and facilitate educational programs that incorporate multi-disciplinary learning techniques and holistic approaches to personalized learning.

About Us

We incorporate multi-disciplinary learning techniques, diversity appreciation exercises, and a holistic approach to child growth development. We also garner strong patron support from businesses, universities, and advocacy groups, while expanding didactic borders beyond institutional setting.

Our Specialties

We focus on Education, Health & Wellness, and Technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use constructivism through a variety of facilitator methods with clients so they can develop and gain a better understanding of all subjects, the world, and how it all works together.

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A digital assistant that makes it easier for educators to discover and cater to their students' learning styles & multiple intelligences.

Founder and CEO

Nicole J. Colón Headshot

Nicole J. Colón

I have over 20 years of experience in education within the public, private, charter, and home school environments.

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